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Business Wellness/Employee Development:

Your staff members are your number one asset, but we often forget this important fact in the frenzy of our day to day operations. Forward Momentum Services offers employee development and wellness seminars geared to a small to mid sized business environment. Your bottom line is directly impacted by the competency and confidence of your staff, so offer your staff the tools they need, while also letting them know you appreciate their contribution to your business success. Help them to build the core skills and confidence required to more effectively fulfill their important roles within your business!

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  • Calming Workplace Waters

    Tidal style workplace relationships can sink a business or at the very least, tarnish their productivity and reputation. Although a perfect workplace is perhaps a Utopian concept, efforts to calm our workplace waters certainly helps move us in the right direction. It can be hard to interact with a seemingly difficult person until you know what makes them tick, or perhaps more fitting, what ticks them off! But equally important is that you recognize how your own behaviourisms, actions and reactions may be regarded by others. After all, it often takes two to tango! Expect this training session to be interactive, entertaining, and enlightening.

  • Embrace the Leaders Within

    Effective leadership involves more than managing peopleís job duties. In fact, some managers struggle with incorporating true leadership into how they run their businesses. Leadership involves the ability to motivate and inspire, and to utilize the unique and often untapped talents and capabilities of employees across all facets of an organization. This kind of leadership requires trust in oneís staff, leading by example and an ability to see the bigger picture. These and many other qualities are in fact latent in many employees. Businesses, enrich your organization by accessing this incredible untapped talent pool!

  • The Power of Process Thinking

    Help your employees take thoughtful and proactive steps in planning and carrying out decisions that will result in greater efficiency in their work duties and day. Similarly, tackling problems encountered with thoughtful consideration and a clearer mind will result in reduced risk-taking as well as the potentially negative consequences that can impact a business. Too often, lifeís daily stressors, challenges and decisions are things we let happen Ďto usí as we tend to allow our impulses or emotions dominate us, even if unconsciously. Training our brain to stay one step ahead of our emotions can reap dividends, in terms of employee health and business success.

  • Add Some Latitude to Your Attitude!

    We can all display an 'attitude' at times. Your business attitude, your own professional attitude, and the attitude displayed by your employees can help shape or shaft your business. Learn how to create and capitalize upon a positive attitude.

  • How Time Flies!

    Do you or your staff feel overworked and overwhelmed? These days, people are expected to do more with fewer resources, including time. This seems to apply to both management staff and employees! The truth is, time itself canít be managed, and it comes and goes whether we like it or not! A better strategy is to understand how our personal behaviours are part of the problem. We canít control everything, be we can look at some of core principles and strategies that will help us better manage our actions and our reactions, thereby helping us better respond to the time at our disposal.

  • Lights, Camera... Reaction!

    Change the channel on interpersonal miscommunications and the resulting fallout. Distinct communication patterns and behaviourisms are often unconsciously related to various communication styles and issues. Familiarize yourself with those styles, and then 'take a look in the mirror'. Develop concrete personalized strategies to proactively address common communication issues.

  • Stick It To Stress

    Stress can feel like a bully controlling your life; don't become or remain a victim of stress. Learn the more dangerous impacts and implications of chronic stress. Then stand up to stress with coping strategies tailored to you.

  • Light Up Your Life with Learning Styles

    Understanding the concept of learning styles and applying this knowledge within a workplace is likely to lead to better training strategies as well as happier and more confident employees. And that, in turn, helps lead to business success and an improved 'presence' within the community you serve!

  • Maximize Your Intelligence Mix!

    We are all a mix of multiple intelligences; multiple intelligences are a more in-depth look into how we really learn, and how that relates to our life and work adaptability and preferences. Additionally, a clear understanding of 'emotional intelligence' and its importance in the workplace is also beneficial both in hiring and in supporting employees effectively. Help your employees help your business, by encouraging their strengths while respecting and responding to their individual challenge areas.

  • Bolster Your Business With Humour

    Modern workplaces are often filled with stress, but sometimes, a little light humour can help ease the negative effects of stress. Embrace and embody the benefits of humour in the workplace, while also reminding yourself of when to tow the line on distasteful humour. Well placed humour is good for mind, body, soul and ... business!

  • TYPE Logic in the Workplace (with MBTI)

    So you know your four letter type code! That is awesome, but letís face it, most times we leave an introductory MBTI workshop with a foundation of knowledge but have not delved too deeply into how understanding Personality Type theory might apply directly in a workplace. So our goal here is to dig deeper about how type can be observed, and capitalized upon, within a workplace setting. Knowing your own letters and understanding your own type is a great starting point, but letís take a peek into how the various types might work together more effectively, and at how some types might be at risk of getting on each otherís nerves. And knowing your type related strengths and Ďareas for growthí might help you build a greater level of confidence (and realism) about the workplace!

  • Pinpoint Your Personality

    Pump up productivity, create more positive working relationships, and maximize your employees' personality strengths. Understanding both your own personality and those with whom you interact can go a long way to creating a positive workforce and a faithful customer base!